No Place Like Home Pet Sitting - Pet Sitting Services in Carrollton, Texas

Pet sitting fees are individually quoted for each job (prior to service), depending on the time and services required for each home. Visits are approximately 30 minutes long and include all of our standard services. In general, visits are $25.00 each for up to 2 pets:

Additional fees may apply for the following:
  • more than 2 pets
  • injections
  • extensive clean up
  • watering numerous indoor plants
  • watering outside gardens or lawns
  • visits made on holidays
  • requests for service with less than 48 hours notice
  • emergency care and services

All pets must be seen a minimum of once per day. No Place Like Home does not provide every other day care, as we believe the safety and well being of your pets requires at least one visit per day. Rates are determined according to the service and time required to care for your pets and home.

  • For all new clients, please call 10 days prior to your trip to arrange your pet's vacation at home.
  • For holidays we recommend reserving 4 weeks in advance.
  • We do our very best to accommodate emergencies for existing clients with a key on file.

"While You're At Work" Potty Breaks

1 or 2 Dogs

  • $17 per day (3 or more regular visits each week)
  • $18 per day (1 or 2 regular visits each week)
Does your pooch need a potty break, fresh air and some exercise while you are busy at work? Schedule regular, ongoing visits between noon and 3:30 PM, Monday thru Friday. Your dog will love you for it!